The ARCHANGEL AIRBORNE team consists of seasoned professionals and leaders who specialize in the fields of Aviation, Medicine, Medevac, Emergency Medical Services, Incident Command, Healthcare System Development, Information Technology, Infrastructure Development and Cultural Support.

Our clinicians and support staff directly engage with local medical authorities in short 5-7 day trips that allow our rotating teams to commit to any given mission without taking extended time away from their professional lives. Doctors, nurses, healthcare operations personnel and field support staff can join missions when able, and rotate off as a different team goes on the next mission. Over time, ARCHANGEL AIRBORNE seeks to have dozens of teams scheduled throughout the year to support our missions, thereby providing a continual presence and continuity of care in the localities we serve. A long term commitment by each team member enables the efficiency, discipline and dedication to service required to make this system of professional rotations practicable and effective, and also sustainable over the long term.

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