aa016 - January 2015 - "Mission XVI" - "Operation Miskito Guardians"

Areas of Operation:
  • Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua
  • Northeastern Riverine Border Villages

Mission Operators:
  • Mission Officer in Command (MOIC): Hirsch
  • 2nd MOIC: Sircar

Mission Specialists:
  • Prevelige, PA-C
  • Martin, RN

Mission Controllers:
  • Lovelace
  • Sloan

  • Conduct a 200km River Reconnaissance of the river border region with Honduras to assess remote Miskito Indian village locations.
  • Assess viability of current and potential airstrips for fixed wing medevac, team insertion and supply flights.
  • Utilization of GPS mapping to determine airstrip field length and dimensions.
  • Assess current state of the villages and specific needs.
  • Develop plans to complete development of a 2,000 foot airstrip in the remote village of Raiti.
  • Establish a relationship with the Verbo Community in Puerto Cabezas as a base of operations for future mission deployments
  • Risk Assessment of the public hospital in Puerto Cabezas.
  • Inventory of medical equipment and supply items to assist the hospital medical teams.
  • All objectives accomplished.
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