AA005 - May 2012 - Fifth Mission to Les Cayes and Surrounding Areas, Haiti

Areas of Operation: Les Cayes, La Porte, Ste. Jean, Ste. Louis, Caille Coq (Ile a Vache - 7 miles SE off the coast of Les Cayes)

Objectives: Launch of the new ARCHANGEL AIRBORNE Medical Clinic Operations Model (AA-MEDCOM) that includes:

  • Recon of Clinical Operations sites and strategic briefings to maximize efficiency of team assets, throughput and quality of care delivery.
  • Introduction of Basic EMS/First Responder training with clinical care delivery to include principles of first aid, airway protection, hemorrhage management, fracture stabilization, C-spine and spinal immobilization
  • Public Health Education on clean water preparation and rehydration for episodes of acute GI illness and Cholera.
  • Development of the ARCHANGEL AIRBORNE Standard Field Formulary (AA-MEDSFF).
  • Development of the ARCHANGEL AIRBORNE Medical Standard Field Packs (AA-MEDSFP) to afford Clinical Operators instruments, Point of Care testing and other adjuncts for clinical care delivery.
  • Integration of Haitian Medical Providers with the Medical Operations Team.
  • Standardized Briefing and Debriefing with all Clinic Operations
  • Development of an Electronic Medical Record system to track longitudinal care of the patients.

Accomplishments: Met all objectives. Over 1000 patients were treated via the four clinics. A child in one village was in critical condition and was treated, then transported to L'Hopital Immaculee Conception in Les Cayes. The child recovered. A local physician who partnered with the ARCHANGEL AIRBORNE team in helping the child later posted on the ARCHANGEL AIRBORNE Facebook site: "I was being with kid days ago. He is ok. This zone is my. I am one of the doctors of the zone. We try the do the best we can but the situation is very difficult. The ARCHANGEL AIRBORNE mission is welcome becomt they help us with so many things. We are waiting for them one more time. In this area we don't have NGO helping us. We have to help them by putting an emergency service called CENTRE MEDICAL LA RENAISSANCE but until there the problems can not be solved. By contacting Archange Airborne you will help our people."
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