AA006 - November 2012 - Sixth Flight Mission to Haiti with parallel Mission Team Operations in Les Cayes and Cap-Haitien, Haiti

Areas of Operation: Ste. Louis, La Porte, Ste. Jean, Port Salut
Parallel Operation - Notre Dame Parish, Cap-Haitien under the lead of Peter Sloan from the Catholic Diocese of Washington, D.C.

  • First coordination of two parallel flight mission operations with mutual support.
  • Continuation and refinement of the AA-MEDCOM Mobile Medical Clinic Operations Model in collaboration with regional Haitian medical provider partners.
  • Use of the AA-MEDSFF Medical Standard Field Formulary for effective medication prescription and dispensation in the Mobile Medical Clinic Operations.
  • Augmentation of the AA-MEDSFF with in-country medication resources
  • Targeted throughput and efficiencies to maximize the AA-MEDCOM model for triage, treatment and disposition of patients.
  • Expansion of ARCHANGEL AIRBORNE Operations to the westernmost area of the Southern Department of Haiti.
  • Continued integration of Haitian Medical Provider Partners with the ARCHANGEL AIRBORNE Team Equipment and medication support for the hospital of Ste. Louis, Haiti
  • Utilization of 2-way radio communication for the ARCHANGEL AIRBORNE Team members during in-country operations
  • Rendezvous and tour of the parallel medical operation in Cap-Haitien
  • Demonstration of tactical formation flight protocols for flights of multiple aircraft during in-country mission operations
  • Introduction of U.S. medical students to the ARCHANGEL AIRBORNE Special Mission Operations deployment team. Cross-training of non-medical personnel to assist in medical stations during AA-MEDCOM ops.

  • All Objectives Met
  • Over 1,000 patients treated through combined team efforts
  • AA-MEDCOM Model was highly successful in achieving maximum operational efficiencies and effectiveness.
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