AA011 - May 2013 - "Operation Haitian Alliance" - 11th Team Mission with deployment to the Southern Department of Haiti

Areas of Operation: Les Cayes, Saint Louis, Cherette, La Porte

  • Support for existing public health infrastructure at the Hospital of Saint Louis under the medical directorship of Lisage Georges, MD
  • Clinic Operations in the village of Cherette
  • Clinic Operations in the village of La Porte
  • Pediatric Clinic Operations in Les Cayes at an inner city orphanage
  • Assessment and Training of staff at Saint Louis Hospital
  • Exploration of the unpreserved historical site of Fort Anglais - a Colonial era Fort in the Bay of Saint-Louis-Du-Sud.
  • Coordinates: 18 o 15'5"N 73 o 33'6"W
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