AA012 - November 2013 - "Mission XII" - "Operation Haitian Alliance" - 12th Team Mission with deployment to the Northern Department of Haiti

Areas of Operation: Cap Haitien, Fort Saint Michel, Milot, Tibo

  • Transportation of the entire team complement from U.S point of departure to Haiti with no utilization of commerical air travel modailities.
  • Aircraft refueling in Exuma enroute to Haiti with humanitarian avgas discount.
  • Successful transport of a quarter ton of donated medical supplies and equipment.
  • Clinic Operations based at Notre Dame D'Altagrace Roman Catholic Parish based in the impovershed region of Fort Saint Michel with collaboration with the area physician, nursing and lab tech staff.
  • Exploration of the resources in the Sacre Coeur Hospital in Milot for clinic referrals and hospitalization and meetings with the aministrative and medical leadership.
  • Recon of the rural region of Tibo for future clinic operations.
  • Promotion of the Parish 'Twinning' Project between the Church of Saint Peter's on the Hill in Washington D.C. and Notre Dame
  • D'Altagrace in Fort Saint Michel.
  • Development of a model to partner and provide services through the existing infrastructure of the Roman Catholic Dioceses in Haiti. Through utilization of the church as the epicenter of inner city and rural communities, the team will maximize contact with the populations at risk and provide education, training and direct medical care to improve the quality of life and health in targeted regions.
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