AA007 - November 2012 - "Operation Jersey Shore Airlift" - 7th Team Mission with Emergent Deployment of a squadron of aircraft to the New Jersey Shore following the devastation of Hurricane/SuperStorm Sandy

Areas of Operation: Flight to N12 Airport, Lakewood, New Jersey with ground transport to Point Pleasant, Brick and Tom's River townships on the Jersey Shore.

  • Rapid mobilization of aircraft resources and donated supplies to aid those in extreme need in the Jersey Shore region hardest hit by Hurricane/SuperStorm Sandy.
  • Engagement of regional support to strengthen team response to the situation of need
  • Rapid delivery of emergency supplies to the National Guard Point Of Distribution (POD) in Point Pleasant to aid families in need of food and basic supplies
  • Use of aviation assets to bypass the obstacles and impediments of ground transport in the New Jersey region secondary to the lack of fuel and obstructed roadways.
  • Utilization of ground personnel in the affected areas to coordinate supply delivery and local transport to the POD
  • Delivery of a portable electric generator solution to assist a community to have a POD for uncontaminated well water and heat/shelter.
  • Coordination with military, EMS and law enforcement incident command to ensure effective delivery of supplies as per the identified needs of those affected by the state of disaster.

  • All Objectives Met
  • First domestic U.S. disaster response mission for ARCHANGEL AIRBORNE completed
  • Over 3,000 pounds of emergency supplies and equipment delivered.
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