aa014 - November 2014 - "Mission XIV" - "Operation Haitian Alliance"

Areas of Operation:
  • Southern Department of Haiti - Les Cayes, Saint Louis, Fonfrede
  • Northern Department of Haiti - Fort Saint Michel, Cap Haitien, Thibeau

Mission Operators:
  • Mission Officer in Command: Hirsch
  • 2nd MOIC: Lovelace
  • Cultural Linguistic Spec: Desmond

Mission Specialists:
  • Cote, PA-C
  • Quast, FNP-C
  • Keating, RN
  • Boyd, Advisor
  • Lindeman, Advisor and Trainer
  • Silver, Advisor
  • Siegel, Advisor

Mission Controllers:
  • Berkowitz
  • Sircar
  • Sloan

  • Conduct Medical Clinic Operations and Community-Based First Responder Training in the Southern Department of Haiti.
  • Fortify supportive relations with Haitian Medical Partners.
  • Delivery of equipment for medical diagnostics.
  • Transition of team assets to the Northern Department to conduct Medical Clinic Operations and Community-Based First Responder Training.
  • Transition of 100 Water Filtration Systems from Port Au Prince to Cap Haitien.
  • Training and distribution of Water Filtration Systems to families for use in the Fort Saint Michel region of Cap Haitien.
  • Assessment of two school systems for ongoing infrastructure support and future development.
  • Establish mutual support and relations with the Cap Haitien Rotary association for future collaborative clean water projects.
  • All objectives accomplished.
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